What is a corner sink

Learn about corner sinks, their benefits, and find quality corner sink products at various prices from top manufacturers and suppliers.

A corner sink is a type of sink that is specially designed to fit into the corner of a kitchen or bathroom layout. They are an excellent option for small kitchens or bathrooms, as they maximize the usable space by taking advantage of otherwise unusable corners of the room. Corner sinks come in various sizes, shapes, and materials to fit a wide range of kitchen and bathroom designs.


One of the main benefits of a corner sink is the additional counter space that it provides. By placing the sink in the corner, valuable counter space is freed up, which can be utilized for other purposes. Additionally, corner sinks can help to create a more efficient workspace by reducing the distance between the sink, countertop, and appliances.

When searching for a quality corner sink, you should consider the materials used and the manufacturer's reputation. Top manufacturers provide quality products, and one such manufacturer is BLANCO, which produces high-quality corner sinks that feature sleek designs and durability. Other notable manufacturers include Elkay and Kohler, both of which provide stylish and sleek corner sinks to suit a wide range of kitchen and bathroom designs.


When it comes to the corner sink price, it can vary widely depending on the materials used, size, and design. However, there are corner sink suppliers in the market to fit different budgets, including those who offer affordable yet high-quality corner sinks. Among them is Premier Copper Products, which provides affordable hand-crafted copper corner sinks with a rustic appeal. Another supplier to consider is Luxier, which offers high-quality and affordable corner sinks for various applications.


Corner sinks are an excellent option for maximizing space in small kitchens or bathrooms, while still providing all the necessary functionality of a sink. It is essential to choose a high-quality corner sink from reputable manufacturers like BLANCO, Elkay, and Kohler, and consider relative prices from top suppliers such as Premier Copper Products and Luxier. Consider the material, design, price, and the reputation of the manufacturer when determining which corner sink is best for your space.